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Focus Audio Visual, located in South Bend, Indiana and serving Northwest Indiana, Chicago, IL, and Western Michigan, stands ready to be your AV consultant with solutions for corporate to small business environments. Our expertise spans video conferencing equipment and installation including telepresence, flat panel display integration combined with essential speakers, microphones, media players and a host of AV support equipment.

Video Conferencing - Telepresence

Cisco High Definition Video Conferencing
Life Size Video Conferencing
Polycom HD Telepresence
Polycom Telepresence

One of the questions that we often hear in discussions of conference, boardroom, and meeting room technologies is, what is the difference between telepresence and videoconferencing?

Unlike traditional video conferencing, HD telepresence is a high quality, real-time, immersive, easy to use and manage approach to video communications, and a vivid, life-like quality that videoconferencing can't quite deliver (yet). Audio, video, document sharing, control systems, room environment, and transport are handled very differently. Telepresence audio quality has no clipping or echo, has the ability to reproduce low and high volume levels and not reproduce others, and has the ability to identify which user is speaking. Video conferencing lacks the clarity of a telepresence system because the images and audio are not as crisp and clear and the technology has not been designed to be completely user friendly. Telepresence users are better able to meet without having to control anything. High definition flat panel screens are a requirement for telepresence and we offer a breadth of definition video display products so that, virtually any room in your office can be a telepresence space. This is important because the market wants cost-effective meeting and conferencing solutions that address not only the needs of top corporate leaders, but the rest of the company as well. Servers, display monitors, and audio systems have to be considered and Focus AV has the necessary experience and product knowledge to make the conferencing technology selection process, informative and enlightening, on your way to the "right" buying decision.

Flat Panel Display Monitors - Commercial Grade for Business, Retail, and Industrial Use

Flat Panel Screens for Video Conferencing and Telepresence: LG,
Samsung, and Panasonic
Flat Panel Monitors For Lobbies
LG Large Screen Flat Panel Monitor
Samsung Commercial LCD Display
Samsung Commercial LED-LCD Display
Samsung HDMI Commercial Display Monitor
Digital Signage Using a Samsung Flat Panel Monitor
Touchscreen Digital Signage Display
Panasonic HD Professional Plasma Display
Panasonic LCD HDTV Healthcare Grade TV

Whether they're smaller flat screens to large screen monitors and LED and LCD monitors to HD and plasma TV monitors, today's professional flat panel monitors deliver performance and superb image quality for any installation while providing full integration in an automated environment. They're ideal for public spaces, teleprescence in corporate boardrooms, meeting and conference rooms, private offices, office lobbies, industrial plants, hotels, restaurants, churches/houses of worship -nearly any location. Focus A/V has worked diligently to maintain great working relationships with flat screen monitor manufacturers, giving us the preferred dealer buying power needed. These are major A/V brands in the industry such as LG, Samsung, and Panasonic, synonymous with cutting edge flat screen technology.

Focus Audio Visual provides many flat panel options depending on the application. Here are some screen considerations.

High-Brightness Flat Panel Displays
Bigger, stronger, faster. When it comes to digital signage outdoors or inside, in sunlight those virtues are also vital for the flat panel screen. Although traditional commercial-grade screens work well under fluorescent light, the addition of bright light or sunlight can cause extensive damage to them, if they’re even readable at all. These is a compelling case for choosing longer-lasting high brightness screens. They provide higher contrast for great readability and optimized viewing angles. Some of the cost-saving reasons for these types of panels my surprise you, though pricier than traditional screens.

Video Walls
Once found only at trade shows, video walls are becoming more prevalent due to better video technology and cost effectiveness. More common in security and traffic control, video walls are also making their way into retail settings, and even into residential and commercial buildings. Applications include immersive home entertainment centers, welcoming communications systems, information sharing for employees and customers, and advertising display media. Manufacturers such as our partner, Samsung, are changing the look, cost, and improving the ndurability of video display walls with patented technology.

Commercial Grade Flat Panel Screens
Whether you operate digital signage in your office lobby welcoming clients, or in busy airport terminal, the type of screen you choose is crucial to data and video input, lifespan, and cost effectiveness. These are just some of the reasons that you may opt for a commercial-grade screens for digital signage. Also, there are differences between commercial and consumer grade screen enclosures, inputs, and hardware, and how all three affect screen performance. Focus can consult with you to decide the best type of flat panel screen to purchase for commercial use and review such issues as warranty differences and how extra amenities can help not only with panel lifespan, but increased overall cost savings.

Flat Panel Mounts

Flat Large Matrix Video Wall Mount
Rotary Ceiling Mount For Flat Panel Display
Tilting Wall Mount For Flat Panel
Universal Articulating Wall Mount

Fixed flat panel mounts, tilting, swingout, ceiling, table top stands, and multi monitor mounts, rotating and motorized mounts, enclosures and accessories are all a part of our flat panel mount options. We must have the flat panel monitor that you've invested in, display correctly to maximize your viewing experience and ease of control. Focus Audio Visual has the perfect option for your flat panel for a wide variety of screen sizes.

DVD/VCR Media Players

DVD Recorder VCR Combo
LG Blu Ray Disc Player
Sony 3d Wi-Fi Network Blu Ray Player
Sony Streaming Media Player

Upgrade your audio visual viewing instantly with a Blu-ray DVD player or 3D Wi-Fi Network media player. These media players deliver high-definition pictures and crisp sound for an experience like never before. Focus AV has the top brands and experience to integrate into a complex AV system in a conference room or to operate in a home theater environment.

Speakers - Amplifiers - Microphones

Crown Loudspeakers
JBL Speakers For The Home
Microphones And Accessories For AV Presentations
Crown Amplifiers

Focus AV can supply high-performance speakers, microphones, headphones, portable-wireless systems, mixers, and audio receivers and amplifiers for both home and business/corporate use. Crown, JBL, Audio-Technica, Pioneer are just some of the renowned audio systems brands that will likely be a part of a complete audio system, equipment spec or rental. Their state-of-the-art technology and experience bridges the worlds of consumer and professional sound. If you need wireless conference room audio, home theater system audio or a unique audio situation, we'll have the answers in this area of audio visual technology.